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Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
@Sailor Moon, I actually really like Oni-Con's location. It could use some more nearby restaurants but it's nice being across the street from the beach. It's probably going to outgrow that venue soon though since they remarkably managed an attendance increase this past year.
Yeah, the location itself isn't bad, but the problem is the hotels ... they are CRAZY expensive, all of the ones around there, cuz they're all right on the beach, so they're like twice the amount they would be if they were here in Houston. I'm just irritated by it because I moved to Houston 3 years ago, the first year I was here, I had to go back to Oklahoma while oni-con was happening, and then the next year they moved to galveston, so I haven't had the convenience of going to that convention while it was still in my town. I'd love to be able to go back to it (cuz I have been once, but that was before I moved down here, so I had to get a hotel and all that), but if it's gonna stay in Galveston, there's no way.
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