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Can they bring it by please, I'm confused enough. It was way easier before when I could reply to peoples comments, click my Galleries on the right hand side of the page and you can see all my costumes in there relevant folders by costume/folder name, then click the costume you are interested in and it will come up with all photos for that costume starting from the first ones you put on the the last.
At the moment I just put my Belle costume, though when you click my costume icon ( which isn't showing for some reason it just shows a question mark, even though it said it had been successfully loaded). Anyway after you click me in the box it shows my earlier photos I put on which are tutorial photos and not of me in the dress, and it only shows a few photos.

Can cosplay please please bring the Gallery option back so people don't have to search through hundred of my photos page by page just to find the photos of my particular costume they want to see.
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