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Originally Posted by Kaijugal View Post

I had a mascot head that was textured with hot glue and then painted. We were in Chicago in the middle of summer and had left it in the back of the van. It proceeded to melt and adhere itself to the back window. When we got back, it was all staring balefully out the back window completely flat on that side. ^_^;
My brother and I did the same thing with our first prop. It was a lifesize iron maiden/coffin and we relied almost entirely on hot glue (oh, so young and naive...). We left in the car in a Sacramento summer. The pieces pretty much just slid off when we took it out. Haha, lesson learned.

More recently, my utter lack of grace resulted in me dropping a weapon prop commissioned by a friend. It was already pretty fragile, but somehow I only dented part and cracked another. I was able to finish it in the hotel room at the con and remained paranoid until I could return it to its owner.
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