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Thanks for the replies guys! It's a nice confidence booster as this is my first time doing this and everything is pretty much unknown territory.

Regarding white gluing the foam would that apply to me if the foam shreds easily? To clarify about the shredding I put on a bit of tape, pull back and a lot of foam pieces come out. I'm trying to avoid walking around and looking like I have a bad case of dandruff. : ) I was thinking about covering it with newspaper or this foamie sheets ( but if white glue is sufficient then I won't buy this.

Can you also recommend a glue I use for sticking it to the wig permanently? I read about caulk as a good choice, but I'm not so sure. Also wish I could see your Watashi in person, but going to Anime Boston instead of Anime North. >.> I'm a huge fan of the show.
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