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I'll take it as a yes then? Okay, thanks for all your inputs, I greatly appreciate it.

If I can get a little more:

Speaking of Arda (because im dying to get an Arda wig, theyre all gorgeous!) I was thinking of going with this one in Sandy Brown: or their Ferrari in the same color but for some reason they both come in the same color but the colors looked different. I understand due to monitor settings and the light they used for the photo but one looks really dark and the other really light.

@ animenerd: o_o youre right! I checked their shipping and if I were to buy it id end up paying almost $60! (not that id cheap out on a wig but theres only so much id spend on one wig; and if I read it right.)

Thefivewits also has one because I dont see it listed anymore for some reason...if it wasnt in stock, it would probably say that. Either way its $50.

And lastly Im sorry for the really long response, i didnt expect to write so much xD
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