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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
The first boss was really hard for me because I suck at aiming. I didn't think the second one was bad though - one death to figure out what to do, two deaths trying to do it, success on the fourth try. Haven't gotten to the third one yet. Haven't even gotten the third dungeon weapon yet. But I did just get the greatest horse ever. <3<3<3
"I've got a horse made of black death. It fights dragon's like a boss..."

Seriously though, the first boss is awful. It's not about being able to aim well or not, it's about the game's systems tripping over themselves. Locking on to the boss with L2, marking your targets with L1, switching to aim mode with R3, trying to get a bead on the boss with the right stick, then hoping you have enough time to actually shoot the boomerang...ugh. I recently made a video about Jet Set Radio how that game came out in a time where people didn't quite know how control schemes work. But now we do, and there's no excuse for that.

The second boss is just terrible because it's so easy. It's blitheringly simple to figure out what you need to do because there's only 1 or two things there to interact, then it's just repeating it over and over and over with no fear of death because the boss can't hit you if you're where you need to be, and the little guys it spawns give you health if you 1 shot them.

Plus the game locked up on me 3 times during the first boss fight while I was going into the pause menu.

::Shakes fist:: Game...

Probably the most interesting thing about that game is the fact that Mark Hamil is doing the voice of your Navi-style character, but he sounds more like Steve Blum doing StarScream.

Originally Posted by iSeika View Post
Ive been playing Final Fantasy XIII made it to the Archelyte Steppe and it feels like the difficulty all of a suddenly went up x.x. Ive also been playing Lost Odyssey and the Fire Emblem Awakening demo that game is going to be awesome cant wait to play the real version .
You should stop playing FF13 and go straight to Lost Odyssey.
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~
~Why, if every light is dark, do I continue dancing?~

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