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1) I would like to cosplay certain costumes from the movies such as Eowyn's Funeral garb and Arwen's Hope dress. I am currently working on a couple of cosplays from the Silmarillion, where the designs are my own but the characters are of the Valar. I've got partway through Vana and Este and I shall be designing and creating Nessa soon. I would also like to make my own takes on what Arwen and Eowyn would wear. One costume that I would love to make is Galadriel from the london version of the musical.

2) I got into the fandom when I first saw the movies, about grade 8 I think. I fell in love with the costumes and always dreamed of making some! I started my first LOTR cosplay in the fall of 2012 to get ready for the Hobbit

3) I love the costumes in the movies!!! Totally great inspiration!! LOTR was actually the pushing driving for me to make costumes

4) I like most of the races but alas i am too tall to cosplay anything shorter than a human! So i'm stuck with just elves, maiar, valar and humans

If anyone is interested in seeing my Silmarillion costumes, please feel free the check out my profile!
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