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Assassins Creed Female Ezio cosplay

So for an upcoming convention (by upcoming i mean about 5 months) I will be cosplaying the female version of Ezio. So far i have had a few different ideas as how to portray the female version of him. I was leaning towards a brown leather under bust corset with a red sash wrapped around and the crest on the middle. the only issue i am having with this is that my friend is making the corset and she has never made one before. I was wondering if y'all think that it would be better to possibly buy a pre made corset in either grey, white, or red, and add the details to that. I just want it to look good, i don't want to do something that is "easier" if it isn't going to look as good. I am open to any suggestions that anyone has, or if y'all have any other ideas that are better. Thanks!
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