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Originally Posted by Prisca712 View Post
^THIS x 1000 to everything you said! Since discovering Queen West, I haven't set foot in a Fabricland in *years*. I have to ask - where did you find bridal satin for $2.99?? That is an amazing deal!

The leather store is called Leather & Sewing Supply Depot and it's at 7 Vanauley St. Not only does it have buckles and grommets and whatnot, but they even have corsetry supplies (like spring steel and spiral steel boning! ) and a decent selection of interfacing - I was able to score some 48" wide fusible canvas interfacing for only about $5.00/m.
It was a lucky find at Trillium buttons, where their sale pile is. They only had 2.5 yards left of it so I guess they just put it on sale to get rid of it. XD I happily bought it, of course. Made a lolita skirt with plenty to spare! Bwahaha.

Thanks for the name/address btw! A friend was asking me about it but I could not remember the name for the life of me. I also didn't realize they had steel boning. =0 Oooh...

Originally Posted by Ani_BEE View Post
Make a note of that Leather & Sewing Supply Depot. I pass EuroFab but that street doesn't look like it has anything down it. What building is it in?

My Len's Mill has spiral steel boning with no cases in there bridal section and the plastic stuff pre-cased.
It's in the basement of a nondescript building, but there's a sign on the sidewalk so you can't miss it.

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