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when i needed to buy circle lenses for the first time, i talked to my eye doctor before i bought anything, and asked him if it would be a good idea to buy them (my red ones are the dolly+ red lenses) and then bring them in for a fitting, so that he could make sure they were safe.

before you buy contacts make sure you have a prescription for them !!! important stuff. contact lens prescriptions include more than glasses prescriptions do, including the base curve that relates to the shape of your eyeball itself. most colored contacts/circle lenses that i know of are base curve 8.6, but normal contacts have a range of base curves.
what i've heard is that +/- 0.2 in base curve is still safe, but you still have to ask your eye doctor about it first!!

so yeah. long story short i asked my eye doctor about the contacts and gave him the basic specifications (base curve etc, according to the website) and then brought them in for a fitting (which cost $25, idk if all places are like that but that's the price area i had for a fitting) so that i could have a professional make sure they're ok and won't hurt my eyes.

as for reliable websites, honeycolor and pinkyparadise are both really great and reliable, i've ordered from both! from what i've seen, honeycolor is a tiny bit cheaper, but not by much.

**edit: i just noticed the contacts you were looking at are the same as mine, and i highly recommend them !!! in this case the website i got them from (honeycolor) is quite a bit cheaper so if you end up ordering online you might wanna look there. uwu*
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