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Originally Posted by Myribee View Post
I live just outside of Houston, in one of the other cities, and it's a 20 minute drive to and from the Oni Con location. (Deer Park/La Porte/Pasadena area).

It saves a ton of money to just drive out there if you're a 30 minute or under drive. And you get to sleep at home in your own bed. x3
Yeah, but from my area (west Houston) it takes like an hour and a half to get there, cuz I've got to go NE to get to 45 to be able to go south, or I've got to go SW to get to hwy6 to go SE ... I live in a bad area for driving to/from Oni-con DX

Originally Posted by HardcoreNamine View Post
Yeah, that's why I'm driving. It's a three hour round trip every day, but it's cheaper than a hotel. And, as Myribee said, it's nice to sleep in your own bed
I didn't really think about driving that far, my bf is the only one of us with a car atm (my mom has mine til Feb DX) so I always think about his SHITTY gas milage, and how expensive it would be, but I'd have my car back by then, and my car is really good on gas mileage ... I guess I'd have to sit down and figure up just how much cheaper it would be to drive back and forth each day =P
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