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Originally Posted by Rangiku12 View Post
Fran from Final Fantasy 12 cause for once a awesome dark video game character that isnt the norm of most others..she is her own person not a mock of others and kicks butt.
*high fives*

Fran is, possibly, my favorite character ever, and is one of my dream cosplays. And it's exactly for the reasons you stated. She is strong, her own person, and isn't afraid to leave 'the norm', her past, and her life behind her for something better. She's strong, stoic, and capable (and good with a wrench, haha). She's everything I admire.

I have... well, a lot of dream cosplays. Nothing's going to stop me from cosplaying them in the future, even if it's ten years from now.
Currently in the works:
~Taokaka, alt colors~ (99%)
~Syaoran, Tsubasa: RC~ (base planned, staff 50%)
~Novice Mage, Skyrim (base 90%, props 50%)
~Sheeda/Caeda, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon(base planned, prop planned, armor akdsjlfjasdf)

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