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New Idea (maybe..)!! Dark Jessie?

So I'm thinking of doing a Dark Jessie crosplay..Obviously this isn't a "real" thing on the show, but I'm getting a Black Team Rocket outfit for the Female Grunts, but I wasn't a fan of them..So I had the idea to do Jessie, But wearing black instead of white..I also want to do her wig..I'm following the DA Jessie wig tutorial here:
And I was wondering first, What's a good wig to use? I want eppiccosplay or Arda (epics are a little better for long, but still). I'm thinking of doing it in a raven color..This kinda folows the KH2 theme of Anti Sora, which is where I got the idea. Should I do that? Or just go for a black wig?

Also, should I do red boots to match the Red "R" on the shirt? Or white boots to be opposite the black she uses, Or stay with black?

Then last, the undershirt..Is there anywhere I can just get short shirt like that, but has long sleeves with the fingers on them like that? Or should I just make really really long gloves? Also I want these the same color as the boots so they match

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