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Sounds cool. Lussuria's rather rare. I keep my fingers crossed for you that you find Xanxus as well. Or maybe I shouldn't due to flying whiskey-glasses? Levi's very hard to find though... Have only seen a single cosplayer of him (oh... sorry, two ^^'') since 2011. But maybe you are very lucky.^^

Besides somehow we ended up with a rather strange cosplay idea lately... or rather thinking of an old one and really cosplaying it now...
We thought of cosplaying a sleepover at a con on one of that not so busy days, in our case friday, meaning getting pillows and blankets and stuff ready and going in fitting kiddy-pyjamas... Somehow we already got half of the family together, just lacking Ryohei and Yamamoto as often. Strange idea, I know. But guess it'll be much fun though.

On the other hand I'm currently working on another more serious Gokudera-version from the Melon Base aka Sistema CAI. The jacket's ready, need to make the boxes next und to repair my flame arrow.
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