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Question Cosplay decision

So basically I used to have a solid idea of what I was doing for my next. con. Then I spotted a picture of a Fem-Zoro cosplay from One Piece and was like "that would be awesome sexy cool to do and funny since my boyfriend was Zoro last year and I already have the swords!"

I was originally going to do a Pinkie Pie cosplay (which is on a whole other spectrum) because I wan'ted to do something cute this year as well.

The pros of doing Zoro is that it would probably fit into my 500 dollar budget better, and unless I decided to make the swords as apposed to steal them wouldn't be too hard to do, and I'm still a beginner.

The cons of it would be that I may regret not being all cute and stuff, since last year I cross-played and discovered it wasn't for me, so had planned to be super feminine to make up for it this year.

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