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I'm going to rant because I need to let this out somewhere and this is just the perfect place:
January is just becoming the WORST month for me right now. I'm trying to get a job, or something to keep my mind off it but not sure if I'll ever be called by anyone. But that doesn't matter. It is the worst month because I still have no 250 refund of my money from Moneypak, AND now my school is being more frustrating than ever.

Alright, so I live in a household that barely earns any income so this is where financial aid is supposed to kick in. We've been arguing with the w-2 people for months on end to send the paperwork we need (w-2 form) for financial aid. Which they finally sent after two months in Late October (it started in August) only to be told by the school we need more paperwork. We got it, and then they told us they can get be enrolled for January. We go there yesterday to get it all finished when they tell us that we don't have "enough."

Financial aid was giving me 2300 for the course, and OF COURSE they only get half of it now and in order to be put it I needed 800 more dollars + money for books. I give up hope, til they said there's a chance if we get letters from my teachers and sign a scholarship. Well guess what? We did that, so we wasted gas probably by driving to my high school and back to the college to bring that paperwork. They congrat us and say they'll call us later to tell us the details.

Guess what? It wasn't enough.

That only took 400 from the money I still need, and the thing that bothers me is that they didn't tell us it still wouldn't help! Look, College. You are keeping 1000 of my financial aid so why the hell can't you use that NOW? Why would you give me hope I could turn that scholarship in and it'd help? I am using financial aid because I cannot afford to spend money on you when my parents are swamped with bills they need to pay!

....My grandfather is maybe going to pay, but he said he was going to give me back money for what was lost because of that stupid card company. Of course, when he pays the 400+ he isn't going to do that. So, yup. There goes what I wanted for my birthday. I hate how for my birthday I'm getting into a college that I no longer like due to how frustrating they are.
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