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Let's see if we can get a full group awesome photo out this. ok. Zero and I doing Aoimine home uniform and Kise away uniform can do either day. We both have Fairy Tail shoot but theres Fairy Tail shoot Fri and Sat. Another cool thing is we can schedule this once we all decide, tons time spots and locations open in photoshoot thread for fri and sat and we can have a good backdrop. I personally have never had a pic with more then 2 kuroko no basuke cosplayers. id love see a 10-20 sized group photo, of course be smaller photos and work way up to big everybody photo. solos, team mates, friends, then big picture.

also like to build a roster of whos going as what player to see how many people we got

0) Diety- When you doing kuroko?
1) XfairyTale- your Saturday, any specific time frames
2) Janie- so you also saturday, any specific time frames, also you said all generation of miracles so is that 5 players and you as coach
3) hirako & zero- either day is fine

Made an open katsucon kuroko no basuke facebook group to try help organize since alot people on there more then here, open public to join, send you team mates here -
"Katsucon Kuroko No Basuke Cosplayers" Group Page-

via top thread schedule, area openings-
Friday openings: Currently available is Friday at 2pm all locations Gazebo, wall across gazebo, and downstairs water fountains, 4pm-7pm water fountain, 6pm-7pm gazebo or across gazebo

Saturday Openings: 4pm-7pm water fountains. 6pm and 7pm have Gazebo openings
( night time spots remember there is dancing ball and masquerade going on each day i think)

This is current times and locations taken and whats available:
Friday, Feb 15:

~ Assassin's Creed, TBD;
~ Fairy Tail, Indoor Fountains;
~ Adventure Time, Fountains;
~ Vocaloid, Down Stairs Water fountain (lower) *Gazebo area*;
~ Hetalia, Fountains on the 1st floor;
~ Kingdom Hearts, Gazebo;
~ One Piece, Gazebo Area, Marble doors ACROSSED from Gazebo;
~ Bleach; Gazebo;
~ Kamen Rider, gazebo
~ Photographers' Gathering, Gazebo; Link 1:, Link 2:
~ Valve PJ Party, TBD;

Saturday, Feb 16:

~ Durarara!!; Gazebo;
~ Final Fantasy, TBD,
~ Fairy Tail, Indoor Fountains;
~ League of Legends, Indoor Gazebo Area, Marble doors across from Gazebo;
1pm :
~ Hetalia, Fountains on the 1st floor
~ My Little Pony: FiM, Gazebo;
~ Vocaloid, Down Stairs Water fountain (lower) *Gazebo area*;
~ Bleach; Fountains;
~ Assassin's Creed , Gazebo;
~ Valve, Across from Gazebo;
~ Fighting Game Characters; Gazebo;
~ Magi: The Labyrinth of Magi, wall across from the gazebo;
~ Super Sentai, Fountains
~ Devil may Cry; Fountains (on the first floor),
~ One Peice, Gazebo Area, Marble doors ACROSSED from Gazebo;
~ Kingdom Hearts, Gazebo
~ Fullmetal Alchemist WEDDING, Gazebo; efid=9&_rdr

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