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Basically my goal is to convincingly cosplay Wolverine to the point where people don't realize I am not actually a dude. This requires more muscle than I have right now, however.

Others include Genjyo Sanzo, Nakago, and Gatts.

I'd love to cosplay Vega (Balrog) from Street Fighter but I'll never have the body to be able to pull it off to my standards since he doesn't wear a shirt and I don't think bodysuits look right. If I could figure out how to make some kind of convincing chest-piece that looks real and not fake, maybe.
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future stuff: Genjyo Sanzo, Wolverine, Saionji Kyoichi, Tatewaki Kuno, Nakago, Auron, Dorian, Hawke (rogue)
past stuff: a lot
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