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Help on how to wear a smallsword - 18th Century

Hullo forum ! I have a question about how to wear a French smallsword ( ) with an 18th century outfit. I'm going for a late 18th century men's outfit (something along the lines of this: ) and though I'm not going for complete historical accuracy or whatever, I noticed that the smallsword seemed to be a common accessory for French aristocrats to wear, almost like jewelry.

My question is ... how do you wear one? I've not the slightest idea as to what kind of belt or belts or whatever equipment to use to attach it to the outfit, or if it goes under or over the waistcoat, etc. I tried looking up paintings and prints of the period too but couldn't get any real insight.

Any help at all in solving this would be super appreciated. I don't know where to start, much less where to buy or what to buy. So, thanks in advance for your assistance !
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