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Mac foundation is some of the best Ive tried, I use ALL mac products for everything. The end result is very much worth it. Theres a huge difference in professional products like Mac, Nyx, Ben Nye, etc compared to drugstore types like covergirl and those type of brands.

Whether you are trans or just doing drag or crossplay, guys/trans girls need to use different makeup then most genetic girls. Your skin is just different, women can wear light foundation and just walk out the door. We have to do more visible contouring, and use better coverage foundation to conceal things like beard shadow and flaws in your skin.

They are also very LGBT friendly and will match you with no questions. They even sponsored a season of RuPauls drag race.

They will even do Mac makeovers on guys to show them how to look like a girl. They will help you with contouring etc. As far as I know the makeovers are free if you purchase $50 or more of makeup.

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