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Time to throw in my two cents since running away last time was probably not the best.

Ever since I was younger, I was always teased and referred to a very masculine female. Mostly this was due to the fact that I was very athletic. Then again, puberty didn't do its job when it needed too (acne was the only indicator that it hit and the breast area remained relatively small). While all of the girls in middle school were sporting their B cups I was wearing a sports bra and playing handball with the guys.

Then high school came around, an all girls high school and that didn't help the situation either. Puberty finally did its job right, however people still considered me to be very masculine based. I guess this was because I never really did girly things (I honestly hate shopping for clothing and gossip. It just seems like a waste of time for me). I always found it awkward how easily it was for me to attract females while males always seemed to keep their distance. It was either I attracted females, younger children or extremely old men.

Now, I do not know if I could refer to myself as being a male, however I can safely say I like more manly things than feminine things and most of the female population makes me want to not associate myself as being "one of them."

When crossplaying, I usually pick girly looking females (Orochimaru, Grell Sutcliff, etc) because I feel like its easier to be in the middle then to be on either sides of the spectrum. Also, I think its more of a given that I am female when I crossplay since mostly females cosplay male characters with longer hair. However, I have been mistaken as being male in my Orochimaru costume by some of the Orochimaru fandom even when I tried to ward them off by telling them my true gender. (Some fans can get really pushy...) Even when I used to be on Gaia (iLord Orochimaru was my user name), people were so SURE that I was male. And in all honesty I allowed them to believe that. Some people still do even after I told them the truth.

Honestly, I feel like gender shouldn't matter when you are doing something that you enjoy. It doesn't matter if your trans, male, female, undecided, both, none, etc. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, you know who you truly are inside, you know what you like, it shouldn't matter. Sure, there are always going to be those crazy dumbasses that have to make life difficult, but heck, who cares about them?

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