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@heaven_firings: From what I've seen people just get some grey tights and sew the legs into gloves.

@HareyuNanami: That's such a gorgeous and complex design. Good luck!

@Sugarcubesage: The Sarah or Ferrari in AR023(coming soon/not released yet), Sherbert Orange, or maybe even Ginger Blonde. It's a hard color to pinpoint though because of the artist's coloring style.

Argh. I am so tempted to cosplay some form of godtier John, but I've already got a friend considering that and we don't need two Johns. Besides, she would probably fight me for it.... ah well.

Rose Lalonde - Homestuck - [god tier] - revamp
Dirk Strider - Homestuck - [god tier] - WIP - [dreamer] - WIP

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