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LA Cosplayer here!

I am trying to get a group of Cosplayers to perform during Halloween time at West Hollywood and Hollywood? During the weekend of Halloween people get together in Hollywood and West Hollywood to perform in front of thousands of people that come from around the world. The group will perform a classical piece from the Christmas Fantasy Parade (Choreography and music already in hand), The Candlelight Ball unit. Please message me for more info if you are interested. The Characters are: Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Ariel. All Princesses with their respective Prince. It is a Christmas why not make it into a Nightmare Before Christmas kind of thing? We can also have dancing with us Jack and Sally. The url on the bottom is the actual parade and the steps. Just to give an example of what will be performed. If you need a costume I have the almost exact replica of SNow White's and also the Gown Cinderella used for the same parade two years ago.
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