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highly realistic shoot

this is a bit of a far stretch as i noticed the majority of users are far abroad from where i am, but here goes. just a quick note that this quite possibly may only work in the region of london. if visiting say hi too but should i ever go travelling this will also apply.

i've reached a route in my photographic life where taking photos of models and fashions shows have left me a little stagnant.. (then bam! like candy. ) it hit me. what if i merged the principles of my fashion photographic abilities with cosplay, then it hit me again. this has already been done. sadness...

however i would still like to try creating some stunning images of a high caliber to develope a look book of some sort, based on the sequence of titles i do. so one of the first ones i wanted to attempt was either a steampunk or lolita setup. so if anyone is in london or visiting london and was interested in doing a creative (fun) project. feel free to drop me a line/msg or if they just wanted to discuss an idea of their own revolving around this idea, im up for that too, i just have loads of ideas in my head that just wants to get out. anyone else feeling like that?

cheers for your time

on a sidenote. im intruiged to know how many uk resident cosplayers we have here.

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