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I'm horrible, I wanted to sew today and instead I played Skyrim and lazied about. Haha, but that's okay, I'm in no rush and have no serious money for at least another week. Then I can start buying some fabrics again.

I did go looking at her gloves again and beyond the actual patterning and sewing.. to make them flare out like they do, I would support the inside of the glove with say foam or something to help keep it's shape.

As for boots, you could probably do a cover route. Wear some junky flats or something then make a giant "sock" like boot to slip on over it. Again I would go the elastic and foam route, or whatever you find works best, to keep it's shape since they arn't skin tight and can't use a zipper. Also, if you go that route, make sure to either add something slip resistant to the bottom of the cover or cut out the bottom and wear them over your shoes or attach them with something like glue or Velcro.

And the wig, hrm, You could probably go for a short wig, style the bangs and such with got2b and use a ponytail clip on. Then just tie up the sections with some red ribbon and possible glue or pins ( depends on how permanent you want the clip to be ) them into the hair so they stay.

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