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Ooh, ohh, I'll join in, why not, my new Aerith and surprise Tifa is based on Dissidia, so it works.

After a huge mess up on my jacket for her, I think I finally have have discovered what happened and may not be nearly as bad as I thought it was. If all goes well, I should have Aerith done in a few weeks and that's only because I'm taking it slow.

Tifa was a surprise even to me. One of my outings to the thrift store rewarded me with a cheap leather skirt and the idea of Tifa was spawned. A few days later I found some amazing suspenders that are very close! Add in a cheap white shirt to mod and a black wig I already had and we're talking maybe $10 so far. All I need to do it work on shoes, gloves, and such and we're good to go.
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