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Do you think AM2 will improve as the years go on?

So of course with all new conventions there are always going to be issues with smaller attendance numbers, smaller budgets, and organization issues

I was at the first AM2 in 2011, but I decided not to go last year due to the lack of guest announcements through the year and the fact that there was no musical GoH, Ive heard a few rumors as to why the guest list was smaller for the 2012 year, but they may have been just rumors

from what I have seen in reviews I gathered that the second AM2 was possibly even worse then its first year

there was not much to do on their first year, but at least I got to see Sadie, it made the whole Con worth going to

so my question is,
do you think AM2 will improve for its 2013 Con, and conventions in the future?
will they be able to get Japanese guests of honor again?

what are your thoughts on this?
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