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Resincoating craft foam?

Hi cosplayers!
I'm currently working on a cosplay for this summer, Ashei from Zelda Twilight Princess.
I had planned on making all of the armor parts with styrenesheets + craft foam. Some problems have gotten in the way and now I fear that I won't be aböe to get the sheets in time to do a good job.

So my question is, since I have all this craft foam at home, could resin coating it be a good alternative to make the pieces durable? Does anyone have experience with that method?
Should I use spray resin or ordinary resin? What kind of resin should I use?

I know many that say I should use thin fabric and lots of glue but I really want the armor to be more durable than that.

here's where I got the idea, they're using it on styrofoam:
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