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Working with resin and fiberglass is exactly like working with paper mache, just the components are corrosive or toxic (or both.)

Flour = catalyst
water = resin
newspaper = fiberglass cloth/mat

Once you figure that out it just becomes a matter of getting safety equipment i.e gloves, and respirator.

Here is a picture of the brand I use which is easily purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's. It's the cheapest kind on the market, so you can only go up from this stuff, but I have found that it is unnecessary.

This is the stuff I use for mold making. It's the same kind of polyester resin but it's....better somehow....because the cosgods told me so.

Here is some of my work using resin + fiberglass, admittidely I haven't really documented the actual process well since, well, I'm covered in resin during the process haha.
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