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My Yosuke cosplay is coming along surprisingly well. I already have half of it in my actual wardrobe (does that make me a hipster? o_O) so I'm sewing the rest and putting together the pieces.

Cosplay update: What I still have to do...
-- repaint the side of the headphones from orange to gray.
-- hand sew on the collar for the long sleeved shirt. (I already did a short sleeved orange shirt)
-- Make the Magician Arcana card
-- Buy the wig.
-- Find someone to P4 cosplay with.
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100%: Yosuke Hanamura (Many outfits) (Persona 4)
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Junpei Iori (Persona 3 --with my friends.)

Kaoru Kamiya - Kendo uniform (Rurouni Kenshin -anime)
My Youtube Channel (I sing and stuff here.)
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