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well, I've never heard of an actual sewing class for anime, but there should be some sewing classes (most likely in a fabric store)

but I can do a very quick tutorial for you on simply sewing two pieces of fabric together so that the thread doesn't show too much.

1. take a piece of unwanted fabric and fold it in two.
2. take the non-folded edge and cut out a square shape (There should be two small squares)
3. thread your needle. (Put the string through the needle so one side is slightly longer than the other and knot it)
4. (optional) pin the squares together (Make sure you have right sides together!)
5. take one of the squares from the inside of the two, and insert your needle through it, then come back to the inside. Now do this to the other side.
6. repeat step 5 until you reach the end of the fabric or run out of string
7. Take where you last sewed and insert your needle through it again 3x, then take the little loop in makes and slide through it to make a knot.
8. Do this until you make it to the last side of your square. fold it so that the right side is now showing.
9. slightly fold the two edges in and pin them together.
10: this time, insert your needle into the top of the folds, so that you are working vertically.
11. when you hit the edge one last time, repeat step 7.

Tadaa! You've got a little square

you can also look up tutorials online~ they're probably way more help than me. (I'm more of a visual person) ^^ Hope I helped a little bit, though.
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