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Heh heh I know that pep file that guy was using in that insrtuctables link. Just adding a little to StabbityBlkMage what he said already specifically with pep you gotta be careful when you fiberglass. It's cardstock but it's still just paper so if you gotta be careful when you fiberglass or you could end up with a giant heap of paper and resin and those maybe 3 to 5 hours you spent making the thing goes up in smoke . Before you resin you should add support struts. I tried that same exact file, screwed up and ended up having the face flat and not curved. So put support struts to help maintain the shape. Trust me it will save you from having a head ache later. So when you start to fiberglass put a thin layer of resin first on the outside and thin a layer on the inside. Once you've done that you can add a thicker layer on the inside and slosh it around and let it dry completely. You wanna do this so it'll become more rigid and able to hold it's shape better. Once that is dry then you add do your normal fiberglassing regiment. Sooo that's all I got on that. If you need a link to the pep file for the Rocketeer helm just shoot me a message.
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