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You might consider using a makeup primer and white (pure white) full coverage foundation as a base and then putting a tan skin tone foundation of your choice on top of the white. You will also probably need a really good coverage concealer in the same shade and one shade lighter and darker for contouring unless you will be ok with your face all being 1 solid color.

You will need full coverage foundations from a professional brand such as Mac or Nyx. Things like covergirl aren't going to cut it.

To make it even better you can take a powder foundation and use that to set your base cream or liquid foundation, you can use the powder in layers to build coverage

White foundation:

Foundation option #2:

Powder Foundation:



Note: I recommend Mac because its the brand I use and have experience with as a makeup artist. There are other good brands out there to like Nyx and Ben Nye but I havent used alot of those brands so I can not give any personal opinions on other products

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