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Furie- Here's a picture of the dress I mentioned:

Like I said, it's not REALLY very Tinkerbell-ish, but you are welcome to have it if you think you could modify it or use parts of it in your own dress! Btw, I love your wig! It's so cute and natural-looking. :3

alice4ck- You're welcome! I'm glad my advice was helpful. I am right there with you on costuming being frustrating- it is a very challenging hobby! Sometimes I feel so worthless at it that I just want to quit, but when you feel like that you just have to step away for a while and come back with a fresh mind, like you said. If it's something you truly enjoy, don't let the opinions of other people get in the way!

Not much progress for me. After brawling with my sewing machine last night (and almost crying because I got so frustrated with it) I finally got it to cooperate long enough to sew the piping for Historical Rapunzel's overlay. Most of this weekend has been spent remodeling my new bedroom, so I haven't had much time or energy to sew. I think after a bit of rest I am going to work on making the poofy strips for the overlay and then maybe work on the sleeves some more.
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