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Zael Cosplay: The Last Story

Hello everyone, I'm looking to cosplay Zael from the last story and am having a difficult time finding any of his jewelry or a decent wig. Keep in mind the outfit is customizable so the colors do not have to be exact (though I'd prefer black). I'm looking to use his in-game outfit rather than the cover outfit. Here are a few refs if anyone has any suggestions!

This is his earring, if anyone can commission this as a clip-on, please send me a private message!: He only has one of these.

Next is his necklace, much the same, if anyone can commission, please send me a private message:

As you all can see, the wig will give me some trouble. Ill upload a few refs of his hair and outfit too, If anyone has any suggestions, please share. I'm really dying to cosplay him!

Top Half: (Buttons can be black)

Back view:

Full body:

Again, the buttons and belts can be customized to black, and that's what I'd prefer. I'm just looking for any jackets and wigs that can come close to that and also looking for anyone willing to commission the jewelry. Thanks all!
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