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This is why being glomped without permission isn't amusing.

I went as Lenalee Lee from D.Gray-Man in her second uniform. My uniform was made out of pleather and I just adored my costume. If you guys have watched D.Gray-Man, every Exorcist has the Black Cross symbol on their uniform. Mine was one of those metal cross where you simply had to pin the symbol onto your costume. As I was walking, a Zexion cosplayer literally attacked me, then glomped me to the point where it was difficult to breath and said "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!", then spun me for like 2 mins. I can't stand anything spinney so I don't visit many amusement parks. This guy, at first I didn't know who he was until one of my friends told me that he was this person I knew but I din't know it was him since I haven't seen him for a couple months. I later found out my cross pin snapped so I couldn't pin my cross back into the shirt. Worse, the pleather ripped. A nice con goer noticed my problem and fixed my costume while we were eating lunch. I was extremely grateful.

Though I am grateful to have gotten my costume fixed, I am still angry that these kind of people don't take precaution and worse, don't say sorry.
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