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Friday Cosplays


Anime/Game: Amnesia
Character: Ikki
Day:Friday (Late Afternoon to rest of night)
Cosplayer:Everlasting Cosplay

Show/Game/Style: BBC Sherlock
Character: Jim Moriarty (possible tourist version with the London hat)

Show/Game/Style: Beauty and the Beast
Character: Belle ( ball gown version )
Cosplayer: poskii

Show/Game/Style: Claymore
Character: Galatea
Cosplayer: aliruth1/ Alison

Show/Game/Style: Eureka 7
Character: Anemone
Cosplayer: MoonNeko

Show: Gin Tama
Character: Nobume Imai
Day:Friday (upon arrival to around 4 pm)
Cosplayer:Everlasting Cosplay

Show/Game/Style: Magic Knight Rayearth
Character: Hikaru Shidou
Day: August 9-11 (Otakon)
Cosplayer: Rose

Show: One piece
Character: Monkey D. Garp
Day: Friday
Cosplayer: Matt

Show/Game/Style: Oreimo
Character: Ruri Gokou
Cosplayer: MishyZ

Game:Persona 3 Portable
Day:Friday(Midnight Shoot)

Show/Game/Style: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Character: Homura Akemi (Post-Walpurgisnacht Magical Girl version)
Day: All days
Cosplayer: Brittney

Show/Game/Style: Supernatural
Character: Dean Winchester
Cosplayer: MoonNeko

Show/Game/Style: Tsubasa
Character: Sakura (Her pink and red dress)
Cosplayer: poskii

Show/Game/Style: Vocaloid (Don't know the song name)
Character: Miku (It's a gorgeous kimono <3)
Cosplayer: poskii

Show: Yu Yu Hakusho
Character: Sakyo
Day: Friday
Cosplayer: Quinn
Ohayocon 2014
Thursday: Most likely Lt. Yachiru from Bleach
Friday: Mikuru Asahina (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
Saturday: Enma Ai (Hellgirl)
Sunday: Luka Megurine (Dreaming Little Bird ver.)

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