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Thanks guys!

Furie: soo cute! The wig that is x3 Im happy you didn't do the bangs to the side!

Yuna, there are some organza as and taffeta that have blue and pink threads so it shimmers in different colors. My jasmine fabric is actually like that it has blue and gold threads so it looks different in different lights
Here are some examples of people who have done half and half

Hold on I know someone used the fabric I was talking about
Here it is

Oh found this one that someone gradient dyed? Very cute! I actually want to try this now

I'm not sure on the color, the pink might be more vibrant cause its a warmer color but they'd both look good on you. It's all up to you lol it's going to end up like the movie anywhere you ask, some will say pink and the others blue xD flip a coin!

Suzie- that actually reminds me of one of Tinks ice skating dresses!
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