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Originally Posted by Moofingham View Post
@Arlette - It's looking great!

Ahhh, finally some progress on Red. All the material finally cut out in a huge blitz. Now I have to just...well, sew it. Maybe even start sewing this week . Perhaps, I shall start on the cloak..... And wash out that stain on my peasant blouse. No idea how that even got there. Still, I'm excited to finally be starting it.

And on tonight's episode - Gotta love how Regina's got her favourite outfits in her hideaway. She may be in hiding, but she'll never overlook the chance to appear fabulous.
Good luck on your sewing!

But OMG yes, Regina has to always be fabulous. She doesn't know how to be any other way! And it's so in her character to have her clothes displayed like that. Wish I had a room like that...
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