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Kumagawa eye makeup & contacts

So I'm planning on cosplaying as Misogi Kumagawa from Medaka Box later this year, and I was looking to see what suggestions people might have for makeup to best match the character. All the characters in Medaka Box tend to have very sharp features around the eyes with very thick "eyelashes/eyelids" so certain expressions can be tricky to duplicate. In Kumagawa's case, he usually has two eye expressions that he switches between depending on his mood.

The first is a bright, wide eyed expression. (The second pic is in color to show you his eye color.)

The second one has much more narrowed eyes, for a more menacing/sadistic expression. (This is the one that could prove more difficult to interpret)

Hopefully those give a good luck at what I am working with, so if anyone has any suggestions for make-up and contact possibilities, please don't hesitate to post them!
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