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I have one brother that is one of the reasons I read Reborn, but he thinks he's not in good enough shape to cosplay. I wish he would because it would be fun to get him wrangled into it. His fiancee has thought about reading it and I told her she could totally be Bianchi. And my other friend that was going to be Chrome with me as Mukuro will be out of the country for a year for school, so I'm losing my biggest partner in crime for cosplay for a while. But regardless, myself and the one other friend that will be cosplaying with me will make the best of it. I'm going to make her Lambo's cow print shirt for her birthday and she's stoked. We wanna do all the awesome 10 years later mafia suits they get to rock because it's just a snazzy look. Though I do have casual clothes for Gokudera and Dino, but a suit would be able to be used for so many of the characters.
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