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I'll definitely be going! I look forward to showing off my mad dance skillz lol! My forte is swing dancing but I do know some waltz and am planning on learning some salsa by con time as well. I'm a girl but I'll be cosplaying as Formal!Rin Okumura just cuz I'm horrible at being all girly and stuff (me and dresses don't particularly get along...) Anywhosies, so anyone too shy to dance without a date, feel free to ask! I'm generally pretty friendly. ^_^

Sakura Con 2016:
Rosette Christopher - Chrono Crusade (12%)
Gin - Hotarubi no Mori e (30%)
Yuki Nagato - Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (100%)
Himiko - Btooom! (25%)
Kagura - Inuyasha (100%)
Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto (100%)

PAX Prime 2016:
Currently Undecided

Aki Con 2016:
Currently Undecided
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