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I'm currently 23, turning 24 next month and I'll be earning my AA degree soon in Theater Arts. I've actually been in school since I was 18, it's just taking me so long cuz I changed my major twice since then. XD I went from being an Animal Health Science major, to a Fashion Design major, to my current major Theater Arts. My focus is in Costume and Make up design. I hope to work for the movie industry some day. :3 I am going to an Art school once I graduate to further develop my skills. Cosplaying is actually what got me interested in persuing my current career path.

I'm a former officer of the Anime Club at my school. They have this rule that we can only serve for 4 semester and I already served mine. XD But I'm still a member and I help out when I can. And I do cosplay at school. Actually lately I've been fursuiting. I'm a furry too. XD I do this for our join a club event mostly cuz a big white dog attracts a lot of attention. Wuff. :3
Anime California plans
Pricilla (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken) - 10%
Dr. Francis Stein (genderbent Stein from Soul Eater) - 0%
Liza (Pokemon R/S/E) - 100%

2014 Cons: Anime California, Comikaze (maybe), Bent Con (maybe), Nuke the Fridge con.
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