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Hey all. I'm putting together a Klein cosplay, Mid-Level Klein episode 3 I think, for KamiCon next month with a Fairy King Oberon and a friend making an original design on Puck (keeping w/ the Shakespearean theme) and then going solo for Megacon in March (and competing in the costume contest). SAO cosplay has taken over us the last couple of weeks lol.

JUST about finished with the chestplate armor, touching up on the paint and have to set the rope/cord in. Sword is being painted. Pants and black undershirt have been sewn as well (PS I now hate working with Gabardine). On to sewing the robe, gloves, make the bracers and pauldron and shoes then I'll be done YAY lol.

This is actually my first solo cosplay project I've put together . So excited. My exgf would always sew our costumes and I'd do the prop work when we were together.
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