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Read both your threads. Did you know it's ok to ask multiple questions in a single thread? it is!
Can't help on the earring question.
This one the picture link is bad, but a couple in the other thread are good.

You want to start with a tank top and lots of very long strips of gauze or cheap muslin. Put on the tank, get a buddy & wrap. Not too tightly! then use pins and tack the strips in place all over, mostly going in lines up the sides of your torso and across the center of the chest. Take off the tank, don't stab yourself in the process. Can't get it off? you wrapped too tightly, back up & start over.
Once it looks good and you can get it on & off, hand sew all the places you pinned. each spot only needs about two stitches, and they don't need to be beautiful. Done!
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