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Grand Magic Games Lucy Help

Hello! So I am cosplaying as Lucy Heartfilia from the Grand Magic Games and I am having trouble putting together a few things.

Lucy Front
Lucy Back
Lucy Full

First, I am not sure how to construct the neck/shoulder piece to make it easy to put on and takeoff without disrupting the gold designs.
At first I was thinking of making it two separate pieces, the neck piece and the shoulder piece. The neck piece would have a zipper so I can take it off and it would attach to the shoulder piece with velcro but I fear the white cloth might weigh it down and unattach. [I planned on adding wire to the white cloth to give it shape] But if I replace the velcro with hook and eyes or buttons, it might look messy because of the gaps between each button.

Second, her tube top is quite low and the back slightly dips down. I was wondering if there is something I can sew inside to make it stay in place? I have tried many brands of fashion tape but they either will not stick to me or stick to the fabric.

Thanks for the help!
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