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They expand to 24" comferetable in the standar line.

Their pre styled wigs don'r expand without modifing the hair line.

Arda has a shade called light grey that would work for her.

For a base wig to do her undo I recommend the Eowyn or Ferrari and one pack of wefts.

I to have to make updo's from scratch with my 23.75" circumference and 17" long head, But I've been only using Arda the past 3 years now as their wigs fit.

Costume Con 35 '17
Regina - Once Upon a Time
Lagertha or Red Queen thorn outfit.. (I hope)

Anime North '17
Maybe - Effie Trinket or Allen Crown Clown (these are cosplays I should finish!)
Victorian Draculaura - Monster High

Future cosplays/cons:
Erza Scarlet
Sakizo Anniversary
Steampunk - Bride

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cosplay items, wigs, and materails for sale.
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