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Suzie- ooh thats a cute dress but unfortunately too dark a green for me. I'm making the original peter pan version of Tink so I need a lime green really, thank you anyway! ^^! As for the wig thankies! I thought a natural looking Tink would be a good way to go! And it saved me money buying a new "yellow-y" blonde wig!

LKD- Thank youuu! As for the bangs I couldn't do them to side even if i wanted to- they were pre styled centre ^^! Which for original Tink is kinda perfect! This wig is my old Princess Ai ( wig! I always intended to save it back for Aurora but over the years it's just gone a bit too naff to use for Aurora... sooooo Tink it was! By the way I LOVE that latest Tink commission!! Its sooo pretty! Also, the second Aurora picture (gradient one) is actually photoshopped gradient "dyed", I saw it on DA and read it in her description, blooming good photoshop if you ask me! I thought it was gradient dyed too!
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