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Whoo! Got a new one!

This is my Heavy Metal Black Mage, taken at Ohayocon. I had this costume for all of one day, and then sold the coat the next.
Anyway, I super-loved the way the color turned out on the coat, along with the overall look of the face.
It was an absurdly hot costume, especially in a convention center crammed with thousands and thousands of people. I might try and find a lighter weight mask for the future. It's a little hard to see because of the shadow cast by the hat, but the goggles are yellow-lensed to represent the glowing yellow eyes.
So yeah. I now need to remake the coat for red mage (along with new plans for a fancy vest and shirt), coat for black mage, and the arm and shinguards for fighter (sold those, too :P). And possibly all of black belt because I'm just not very happy with the way the initial version looked.
It's kind of fun, continually selling and remaking the same set of costumes. It gives it a sense of progress.
On the upside, I finally have a vision in mind for Thief and White Mage! I'm not sure which I'll do first, but they'll both be set into motion soon.
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