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@Seifer -

Workout: I have to admit, workout has been difficult to do these days. At least I'm getting a bit at my new job and my weight is staying down. Would like to lose a few more pounds though. As for my job, I'm so happy to be done with that one. This new one is miles better as I've said. They actually make sure you have your breaks and what not.

Fiberglass: WiR was one of the best movies I've seen in a while - at least in that genre. I think I'm going to have it play on the TVs at work that the customers see when I get the Blu-ray to show off the TVs on sale with. Anyway, I may have to be Fix it Felix now.

Props: Well, the fire spell looked really cool. May just need a more powerful LED in it, but I can't wait to see what it's going to look like and I'm sure it will come of good use.

Cecil: The progress is coming along. Hoping to at least have the armor done and painted for SC. I may wait on the beading and jewelry for a bit - but I do want something done that I can wear for SC.

Terra shoot and Dress: That's great that you were able to get all the flowers done in time! It really looked nice for the shoot. I'm glad the dress is holding up and sitting better as well. It seemed to work for all the different poses while we were doing the photo shoot. As for the Matek armor, I was thinking of maybe modifying my bike headlight to work? I think that would do something.

Zelda: Queen Zelda! She looks really mature and experienced in running a kingdom in TP compared to some of the other Zelda games. I'm glad the SS dress is coming together so well. Hopefully Groose goes well too and I think Eric will be perfect for playing him.

@MDA - I'm happy to hear you got everything for Kuja. Are you doing both Battle damaged and Trance this year?

@Zaiten - That's good that Aeris situation is better than you thought and also that you found Tifa in a thrift store. I always like when I can save on stuff at thrift stores myself.
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Dart Dragoon Form (LoD)
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